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Gender Transformative Change in Entrepreneurship

Oxygen is a short film, science fiction, depicting life in 2343, after the biggest fire in the world due to global warming, which led to a high level of carbon in the air and oxygen poisoning, a film that reflects the reality that humanity will live from struggles to obtain an oxygen bottle for survival

In order to bring the labor market closer to the rural and peri-urban population and improve their employability, ANAPEC, the Moroccan public employment service, has launched four mobile units on Moroccan roads under the name "anajit". These mobile units are equipped with new communication technologies, digital teaching aids, and personnel trained to offer reception, information, short-term training and support services for the benefit of job seekers and carriers. projects in the most remote areas. Do you want to know how this project was able to see the light of day and develop? Watch this video produced by ANAPEC and GIZ, which traces the entire ANAJIT adventure.

Civilian protection rescuer
Explanatory video about lifeguard and rules that should followed, and the role that should play to rescue,
video mixed between motion design and videography to explain the role of a lifeguard

Defaru Platform Senegal

La mise en œuvre de cette plateforme d’apprentissage est soutenue par le programme “Réussir au Sénégal” de la Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, financé par le Ministère fédéral allemand de la Coopération économique et du Développement (BMZ) et l’Etat libre de Bavière.

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